2 July 2019

Why I choose coworking at Dashworks

Xanthe Addison

I had been working in a home office for many years before working at Dashworks.

Coworking Space | Dashworks

Since working full-time from the Dashworks Workspace things have really changed for me. I am immersed in amongst great people, solving the social isolation of producing 3D animation from a home office.

It has helped me rethink the way I am developing my business.

This is mainly due to being able to tap into the mind-sets and culture of the many innovative, hardworking people and businesses around me, from many diverse and interesting backgrounds and experiences.  

The latest evolution for my business is forming real, like-minded collaborations that allow both businesses to work on much bigger, high tech projects together, and also “business health” support via Dashworks members for my business too.

These are some of the outstanding opportunities Dashworks has provided – so far! 

Tim is Founder and Lead Animator of Creative Pipeline, and has been coworking with Dashworks since January 2017.

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