14 August 2019

7 Ways Coworking Spaces Benefit Remote Employees

Lara Grierson

From increasing productivity to improving your mental health, there are so many ways coworking spaces can benefit remote workers. If you’re a remote employee who’s never tried out a coworking space, read on for seven great reasons to do so!


1. Boost your productivity and creativity

It’s clear from the ever-rising numbers of remote workers that escaping the traditional workplace is an attractive prospect for many. But as the Harvard Business Review points out: ‘Too much autonomy can actually cripple productivity because people lack routines.’

If you’re a remote employee who needs a little support to ensure your workdays stay structured and productive, or if you’re simply looking for an environment that will boost your creativity, a coworking space is a great choice. There’s been loads of research into coworking spaces in recent years, including the ways such spaces can boost productivity and amplify creativity.

Increase creativity and productivity

2. Eliminate the distractions of working from home

Any remote employee will be familiar with the struggles of working from home. The home office definitely has its benefits (lunchtime beach walks? Never having to wear shoes to work again?! Count us in). But it also has its drawbacks – first and foremost of which is the dreaded D word: distraction.

No matter how focused you are, the truth about working from home is that it’s an inherently more distracting environment than any other workplace. You might think you’re being as productive as possible, but when you add up all those times you stopped to put a load of washing on or to have a ‘quick’ (read: hour-long) social media break, you’ll often find that you’ve been more distracted than you thought. Working from a coworking space cuts through this distraction, giving you all the benefits of a more formal work environment without taking away the remote-work flexibility you love.

Remote workers, Eliminate the distractions of working from home

3. Participate in growth and development opportunities

Coworking spaces often run a program of events to help foster the professional development of their members. Often, remote workers may find it difficult to access the same development opportunities as in-house employees. And that’s where these kinds of coworking event programs come in handy, helping remote workers stay on top of – and ahead of – the game.

At Dashworks, for example, we run 12 ‘Speaker Series’ events each year – special sessions designed to fuel your growth and increase your skills. We enlist knowledge experts and key speakers to discuss the latest trends, insights and education in areas relevant to you. (And did we mention lunch is on us?!)


Growth and development opportunities for remote workers

4. Network (and make new friends)

We all know the importance of networking in business. No matter your profession, the people you connect with can have a huge impact on your professional growth and success.

When you’re a remote employee, networking opportunities tend to become a little lighter on the ground. But joining a coworking space is an easy way to increase those opportunities. You’ll become part of a community of like-minded individuals and immediately open yourself up to the potential for connection and collaboration.

Professional networking aside, the simple act of meeting new people and potentially making new friends can also be a boost – both for your business and your state of mind. Which brings us to our next point…

5. Improve your mental health

Humans are social creatures. We thrive off interaction with others. But when you’re a remote worker, regular social contact might be a rarity in your workday. This can be detrimental to your mental health, resulting in a lack of stimulation and feelings of isolation. But there’s a solution. Enter the coworking space: a perfect balance between the flexibility of a remote workspace and the social benefits of a community environment.

‘Social interactions in coworking spaces may come in various forms,’ says one research paper published in Frontiers in Psychology. ‘On the one hand, people may simply work alongside each other or engage in rather casual conversation. On the other hand, coworkers may engage in networking, seek and obtain feedback, share ideas, or collaborate.’

remote workers, improve your mental health

6. Pay less than you would in a commercial office space

There’s no getting around the fact that commercial office space can be expensive, and that this cost can be restrictive for remote workers. But with the right coworking space, you can get all the features you need in a workspace for just a fraction of the price of traditional office space. (Dashworks’ flexible memberships start at just $300/month – check out our membership pricing here.)

As a remote employee, you might even be able to seek assistance from your company to pay for your monthly membership fee. Again from the Harvard Business Review: ‘Workers with company-subsidised [coworking space] memberships feel that their employers take their needs seriously – regardless of where they are located.’ As the rise of remote work continues, employers will be keen to stay with the times and ensure their remote workers feel just as valued and supported as their in-house employees – so it’s worth asking about!

7. Work in a beautiful contemporary environment

Coworking spaces have come a long way in recent years. Featuring more thoughtful design and a wider range of resources than ever before, coworking environments have never been more inviting to the modern worker.

As the USYD Business School points out: ‘[Commercial] serviced offices … tend to be designed for the travelling senior corporate business person, and thus often resemble traditional corporate spaces.’ But remote employees aren’t traditional corporate workers. That’s why the fresh, contemporary alternative offered by a coworking space is so appealing. Think enterprise-grade facilities, breakout spaces, first-rate meeting rooms, handy outside-the-box amenities like kitchens and showers… All this and more is on offer when you choose the right coworking space.



If you’re a remote worker looking for a space to focus, connect and boost your productivity, why not give Dashworks a try? Join over 120 other professionals and entrepreneurs – book your free 5-day trial here.