5 April 2021

Meet our members: Newcastle Advisors

Holly Stringer

Matthew McCabe, leading Financial Planner from Newcastle Advisors has been part of the Dashworks Makespace community since late last year. We caught up with him to learn more about his business and his experience as a small business owner.

Thanks for catching up with us Matt, can you share a little bit about Newcastle Advisors?

At Newcastle Advisors, we approach money a little differently.

If you’re looking for someone to sell you a product or tell you everything will be ok (even if it’s not…) we’re probably not the right team for you.

We’re dedicated to helping you build, protect and preserve your wealth.

Whether you’re a young professional just getting started, planning to retire in the next few years or somewhere in between, we’ve got a squad of experienced professionals with great attitudes who are excited to connect the dots in your financial world.

What made you start the journey as a financial planner running your own business?

After 15 years in financial planning, it was time to establish my own business.

Through my experience, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work, and have built a best practice business that has the client at the centre.

What’s the best thing about your role?

Helping people.

Recently we had a potential client visit us at the Dashworks space, who is currently battling cancer. The cancer treatment is currently covered under the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, as she is on the Age Pension.

However, she recently sold her home and was concerned she would no longer qualify for the Age Pension. This would result in having to personally pay for the cancer treatment, which costs over $80,000 a course.

We were able to provide strategies and advice, so she would still qualify for the Age Pension and receive her treatment for free.

Job satisfaction for our team on this day was extremely high!

What would you say is one unique thing about your business, Newcastle Advisors?

We are brutally honest, radically transparent, family owned and client focused.

We are not owned by a big bank or super fund, that provides us with the freedom to provide personable advice to our clients.

You’ve been with us at Makespace for 6 months now, how are you finding coworking from Makespace as space to work near home rather than work from home?

Makespace has been great.

When starting a business I wanted to limit my overheads.

I have learned from previous businesses in the past that have spent enormous amounts on office fit outs and rent, that have found themself in financial trouble.

I have also met many business partners that are now friends.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a business owner and operator? How did you overcome this?

Being found. . .

Letting people know you do what you do…

This has been overcome through a marketing/SEO strategy that I have implemented over the past few months that is starting to bear fruit.

If you could give one piece of advice to business owners considering personal financial planning services, what would it be?

Your financial future isn’t going to plan itself.

If you haven’t achieved your financial goals, it may be beneficial to seek support from a financial planner.

Where can people reach you?


Instagram: instagram.com/newcastleadvisors

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NewcastleAdvisors

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