Jul 04, 2019

How to create amazing customer experiences to skyrocket your business

Dashworks Workspace
Level 1/63 Ridley St
63 Ridley Street
Charlestown, NSW 2290

Find out why clever companies are focusing on customer experience (CX) to drive sales and grow their businesses!


About this Event

Join us for a transformative Speaker Series session with Angela Henderson, Director of Method+Marketing.


What you will learn:

– What is CX? Why is CX so important?

– How CX can make you more competitive

– How to create a customer-centric strategy for growth

– Measuring your CX


About Angela Henderson:

With 20+ years in marketing, sales and media, across corporate and agency roles, Angela has developed an impressive resume. She is a multi-disciplined marketer who has gathered global and local insights from working across Australian and international markets in the Education, IT and services sectors, on products such as higher-education, market-leading software, and with clients in the property, hospitality, banking and finance, professional services, construction and retail industries.

As Client Services Director at Method+Marketing, Angela works side-by-side with her co-Director, Katie Cowling to help SME’s achieve growth through customer-centric marketing. Angela and Katie have a shared passion for creating amazing customer experiences, improving conversion rates across digital channels, and delivering ROI on marketing spend.