Jun 06, 2019

Speaker Series: How to build a unique and positive company culture

Dashworks Workspace
1/63 Ridley Street
Charlestown, NSW 2290

Join us for a revealing and informative session with culture cultivation expert Sue Gilroy.

About this Event

Learn about:

  • Designing a culture based on values and the benefits of belonging.
  • How to eloquently manage challenging conversations with clients, employees and directors .
  • How to take a people-centric approach to increase engagement and retention in your organisation.

Sue is a born motivator and leader. She’s worked within the health sector for most of her career managing and inspiring large teams of health professionals. With extensive experience spanning HR, occupational health, WHS, rehabilitation, injury management, and workplace training, she has a strong understanding of organisational culture and the effect it has within the workplace.

This has led to her latest pursuit as Founder of Cultivate Confident Cultures where she helps businesses to create a positive and unique culture that is based on values.