May 02, 2019

Speaker Series : Tips for Successful Planning

Level 1/63 Ridley St
63 Ridley Street
Charlestown, NSW 2290

Join planning guru Grace McLean for some game-changing tips on business and personal planning.

About this Event

Find out what stops you from planning and how you can create a plan that works for you, one that keeps you motivated and on track for the coming FY.

About Grace McLean:

When it comes to planning Grace McLean is an expert! Her highly active brain meant she struggled to concentrate on the smallest of tasks, yet realised she could focus on other tasks. For the past 20 years, she’s studied and tested the science on how our brains work, where procrastination comes from and why goals can be hard to set and stick too. She transformed that knowledge into creating the NFP Connect Planner. With this wisdom Grace now runs workshops and facilitates training for charities and corporates to help them with their goals and understand how each and everyone one of us works to plan for the future successfully.