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Plan your product

Expert consultancy and mentoring to help you plan for success

Whether you’re at an early stage of ideation or well into your production-eering process, we have the support and expertise to help you efficiently plan and guide you on your journey to commercialisation.


We handpick the most appropriate mentors for you based on your company’s industry vertical and business needs. Having experienced mentors also provides access to larger networks and markets that would otherwise take years to develop.

Cost: Free 30 minute sessions for Makespace members.

Meet our mentors

Clint | Dashworks

Clint Bruin

Principal, Ampcontrol

Clint is a straight talking, quick thinking engineer, product developer and entrepreneur. He’s friendly charm and curious mind make him an incredible resource and powerful mentor.

Some of his career highlights include automating the first Weet-Bix Fruity Bix bar pilot in 1994, starting an automation and software company in 1998 and second company in commercial software development in 2001.

He ultimately went on to successfully sell his company to Ampcontrol and now heads up their R&D and Product Development arm.

Trent | Dashworks

Trent Bagnall

Founder, Slingshot & CoVentured

Trent unearths entrepreneurial talent, market gaps and innovation opportunities. He’s smart, well-networked, insightful and extremely knowledgeable. As Managing Director of QML, an ASX-listed software company, Trent grew the company from 3 to 150 staff in 5 countries and won NSW Regional Exporter of the Year in 2011.

He’s the Founder of Slingshot Accelerator, Australia’s most recognised and successful startup accelerator, and the digital platform CoVentured. He is also a Professor of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Newcastle.

Having worked with some of the largest companies and most exciting startups in the country, helping transform ideas into leading businesses, Trent is an amazing asset and mentor.

Product assessment

In the early stages of the product development process Makespace members have the opportunity to attend a workshop with our resident mentors and technical experts.

This power session/s is designed to uncover and challenge the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of your product or project, with consideration of the market and competitors. The aim is to prioritise your action plan and expedite commercialisation.

Cost: First session is free for Makespace members.


For more in-depth support and expertise you can access the in-house consultancy, a paid service designed to help you with each step of the product development lifecycle from prioritisation and strategic planning through to prototyping and procurement management.

The consultancy can assist with:

  • Technical and commercial risk assessment – hazard identification, prioritisation, commercialisation planning and decision-making framework.
  • Rapid-realisation – uses design thinking for rapid iteration of product development to validate and revise risk assessments and priorities, develop proof of concept and increase efficiencies.
  • Production-eering – design for manufacture, supply chain and assembly analysis, testing and quality assurance, cost-down and scale-up programs, packaging and distribution, documentation, warranty and support.

Here we give you the guidance and you do the work. If you need specific technical assistance with equipment or software or you want to outsource elements of your product development process check out our engineering capability services.

Cost: Discounted rate for Makespace members. Contact us to find out more.

Entrepreneur working on a product prototype | Dashworks

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