The Melt

The Melt

The Melt is a revolutionary new model to power the creation of Australia's leading hardware innovations. Whether you're a startup or a corporate, The Melt is your answer to grow and scale globally successful products.

Building physical products is hard

The Melt, based at Dashworks Makespace, has been designed to target these challenges and help both startups and corporates access funding, expertise, equipment and pathways to rapidly realise product development success. It includes:

The Melt Accelerator – a structured program with funding, tools and services to help startups build great hardware products and launch a successful business.

The Melt Labs – a proven product development process for companies looking to speed up corporate innovation, increase their competitive advantage and produce a new revenue stream.

The Melt Accelerator

The Melt Accelerator is an innovative new program for startups that provides everything you need to unleash world-leading hardware products whilst ensuring your business model is sound, sustainable and successful.

  • up to $150,000 of investment for successful startups
  • a structured, stage-gate/agile process that de-risks your product development process
  • on-site access to commercial grade prototyping tools and software design programs, often out of reach to most startups
  • In-house expertise and offshore manufacturing links to help you build competitively at scale
  • work alongside likeminded innovators, startups, professionals and developer within our premium coworking hub
  • you retain 100% of your intellectual property
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The Melt Labs

Strategic product development is the key to survival for many companies. But organisations often struggle to identify disruptive opportunities and  efficiently advance innovation projects. This is particularly true for hardware development, where the risk, skills required and time to marketed are significantly increased.

The Melt Labs gives you the edge with a proven process, expertise and equipment you need to drive product ideas and deliver strategic innovation.

  • Increase your innovation output without investing in new resources
  • Rapidly test and build products with a proven gated process
  • Speed up and de-risk projects with valuable rapid prototyping learnings
  • Maintain your competitive advantage by getting new products to market quicker
  • Boost your top and bottom line with new revenue streams and cost efficiencies
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The expertise you need

The Melt partners include:

  • Ampcontrol is one of Australia’s largest electrical engineering companies.
  • Dantia, Lake Macquarie’s economic development company and experts in delivering high-end shared workspaces
  • Slingshot, Australia’s largest, most-recognised startup accelerator program

The result is the combination of three key elements – an industrial prototyping lab, hardware accelerator and coworking space – the recipe for success for Australian’s next product innovators and corporate leaders.



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