Virtual office

Virtual office memberships

Grow your business and gain a professional corporate presence with a virtual office.

Used by mobile professionals, home-office warriors and off-shore entrepreneurs, virtual offices allow you to impress your clients with a professional business address. Flexible monthly memberships with no lock-in contracts and the convenience of mail management.

A virtual office includes:

  • Commercial business address in Charlestown or Warners Bay
  • Mail management
  • Membership of the Dashworks online community
  • Access to networking, professional development and social events
  • 1 day free trial at Makespace or Workspace annually
  • Online billing and space booking
  • Monthly payments, no lock-in contract

Price: $49 + GST, per month

Note: Lake Macquarie is categorised as a ‘regional’ location that may enable startups or businesses to qualify for some government grants. Contact us for more information.

A space for forward thinking

Why choose a virtual office? A permanent physical space isn’t for everyone - maybe you’re on the road (or in the air), or the time isn’t right to leave the home-office just yet. A virtual office membership offers you the legitimacy of a commercial business address at an affordable price. We’ll manage your mail for you, and there’ll be a space here when you need to use the coworking space or impress a client.

A space for ambition

Maybe you’re entering a new market, or don’t want to be held back by your new venture being based at home. A virtual office membership allows your business to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your competition, with value and flexibility that allow you to grow at your own pace.

Entrepreneur working on a product prototype | Dashworks

Boost your brand

Get a professional virtual office in Lake Macquarie that provides credibility and supports the growth of your business.

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